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What is a Travel Crib?

What if you are planning a small vacation with your kid? Your child’s safety is crucial in such situations. You know the raise in new technologies has a solution for this too. Travel Crib is the right choice for you if you need to take your kids along with you wherever you go.

A portable crib which can be folded and placed anywhere within your travel hub. As the travel crib in light in weight, you can carry along with you anywhere you go. You may find thousands of travel crib from various manufacturers, but the question is are all they reliable, efficient and long-lasting one?

Are Baby Bassinets and Baby cribs identical?

Few of us think baby bassinets and baby cribs are same. There is a huge difference between the both. You can check out the unique variations about Baby Bassinet and Baby Crib here.

Another question is that, do you think the portable crib can also be used as a travel crib? No, they are different. A portable crib is distinct from a trip crib, more than a portable crib, these cribs are a regular one that can be used during any travels.

Babies find this travel crib a safer one as they sleep peacefully and enjoy their trip. You can use this travel cribs in your home too.

How to choose the best Travel Crib for your Baby?

Use all your senses to get the best travel crib for your baby. Look, touch, Listen, smell and taste the travel cribs before you grab the one for your child. If they have those practical features, you can get a baby travel crib without any hesitation.

I have attached a YouTube video on choosing the best baby cribs for your easy understanding.

Top 10 Best Baby Travel Cribs

I have completely felt like a baby travel cribs expert for selecting this top collection of the trip cribs for your kids. Here is the list of best selection after conducting so many researchers and trying out all those travel cribs with few babies.

I have ranged this collection in a decreasing order.

Peapod Plus Travel Bed for Infants from Kidco, Kiwi

One of the best travel crib for your babies if you are planning on camping, picnics or outdoor travel. They weigh just 31/2 pounds and so very light in weight. Easy to assemble so that you can make your crib faster for the babies to enjoy the peaceful nap.

You do not want to worry about your baby during the adventure period. Your child will sleep comfortably and in peace so that you can have fun with the work you do outdoor. It is available in Kiwi and Midnight too.

This KIDCO Peapod Plus Travel crib is suitable for the babies under age one to five years old. They have sun screens and anchor straps that are adjustable. The Micro-Lite pad for sleeping is assembled already so that it’s ready to use immediately.

Uniqueness of KIDCO Peapod Plus Travel Bed

Extra-long zippers are present within the travel crib that makes accessing the crib straightforward and efficient. The sleeping pad can be removed during the cleaning of your baby travel bed. They have a carry bag fixed so that you will be able to store anything related to your child.

As they are made of fabric, I assure you for the durability of the crib. Everything is made of cent percent polyester, coated with UV and are fire retardant.

Our #10 Pick:KidCo Peapod Plus Infant Travel Bed, Kiwi

Special Feature:

Anchor attachment made the crib to stable on the ground.

Key features:

+ UV protection,

+ folded into the bag.


+ Easy to install,

+ anchor attachment.


+ Not so good quality.

Our Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

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Ultra-Lite Day and Night Play yard crib from Fisher Price

Best Travel Crib for your baby that can be used for your travel purpose as well as a play yard for your babies. Eat, play and sleep are the three important action all babies do every day, this can be regular with this Ultra-Lite day and night play yard crib if you are traveling for a vacation or to any camps. Its weight is 15lbs and so light in weight.

This type of travel crib acts as a night saver or a life saver for your baby. There is a sleeper bed attached to the travel crib which can be removed during the cleaning process. There will be a lot of space if you remove the sleeping bed which also can be used as a playground for the babies to have fun.

Uniqueness of Fisher Price Ultra-Lite Day and Night Play yard

There is a seat back which is supported by a cushion for the head support; You can also find a three point restraint that keeps your baby feel the comfort while they sleep within the travel crib. These are the reasons why your babies sleep peacefully in the travel crib.

You can use the travel crib as a play yard and also as a sleeping bed at once. The sleeping pad can machine washable so that you can keep your baby travel crib clean for every trip you go. As they are easy to assemble, your child need not wait for a long time. There is a carry bag attached the travel crib for storing your baby items and very simple to fold.

Our #9 Pick: Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite Day and Night Play Yard

Special Feature:

This baby crib offers excellent safety, and it can use for both sleep and play.

Key features:

+ triple versatility,

+ light weight.


+ easy to fold,

+ comfortable.


+ Molding problems.

Our Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

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Baby Crib Playpen Playard Pack from Giants

One of the best Baby Crib to choose if you are traveling for some backyards, vacation or a picnic. They are available in many colors l; There are two layers inside the travel crib that are made up of steel frame and Oxford fabric cloth.

There is a sleeping bed which can be removed if baby needs to play. There is deluxe organizer that take care of your baby needs within the crib. They are made up of steel structures that are strong and stuffed with foam which provides the safety for the baby. There are many features that can prevent the cause of a malfunction. Simple to assemble or change the bed.

There are segments for keeping the baby needed items like diapers etc., mesh breathable windows, two lockable wheels and a side pocket for placing any simple properties.

Uniqueness of Giants Baby Crib Playpen Playard

Ever travel bags many be foldable, but this is so compact that you can keep it in a carry bag. This type of travel crib can be cleaned easily and can be used effectively for the next picnic or travel. They no contain any toxic material into the crib so that it’s safe for the baby to rest peacefully.

Our #8 Pick: Giants Portable Baby Crib

Special Feature:

This square shaped baby crib can be folded as a bag. So it could be easy to carry on anywhere.

Key features:

+ two layer crib,

+ large enough.


+ available in 3 different colors,

+ portable.


+ hard to setup.

Our Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

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Lullago Travel Crib from Chicco

You can choose this travel crib if you need to travel to your family functions or for a small picnic. Many powerful features of this travel crib show them they are unique from other manufacturers. This crib is very simple to fold so that it can be taken anywhere along with you.

Similarly, the wrapping up the travel crib is also simple. They weigh about 17 lbs. and therefore light to carry with. There is a sleeping bed attached for the baby to sleep in peace and without having any disturbance.

Uniqueness of Chicco Lullago Travel Crib

Light and stable due to the sleek design and features of the baby travel crib. The fabric is the material used and therefore act as a comfort bed for any baby to rest. There is aeration which is perfectly fixed in this type of travel crib.

The benefit of mesh side panels for ventilation and visibility gives more comfort the infant to sleep. Easy to store due to the snap on metal legs that can be easy assembled or disassembled within a minute. There is carry bag where you can store your baby items for the immediate use.

Our #7 Pick: Chicco Lullago Travel Crib, Sky

Special Feature:

Anti-slip feet do not let the bassinet to slide.

Key features:

+ snap-on-legs,

+ meshed crib.


+ convenient,

+ easy to clean.


+ Not suit for newborn.

Our Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

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JourneyBee Crib from Parent lab

If you are planning a journey and you have chosen the source of traveling as Road, then you can prefer JourneyBee Portable Crib for your baby. Simple to use and has many extraordinary features when compared travel cribs. This can be portable anywhere you go through road or car trips.

Easy traveling crib when checking with the previous samples of travel cribs. It just takes 30 seconds to set up and can be folded quickly and kept int in your typical carriage bag. When folded your journey crib may look bulky.

Uniqueness of JourneyBee Crib from Parent lab

JourneyBee crib weighs 12 pounds, and they have the shoulder straps, so it’s easy to carry around wherever you go. Can be used only for the shorter cars strips as they look huge in size.

I assure you that your baby will feel the comfort and stableness with this JourneyBee Crib, for the better stability there is a sheet and mattress attached to the journey crib.

I also would give cent percent for both safety, and the age ranges the travel crib can carry. The height of this travel crib is 35 inches and suitable for 0- 3 years babies. There are also portable cribs from parent lab that fits 5-year-old kid too.

As the material is waterproof, you can put it into the machine for washing purpose. There are pockets inside and main area to store any of your baby items. They come in various colors too.

Our #6 Pick:Parent lab JourneyBee Portable Crib, Black

Special Feature:

This crib does not require any additional tool to setup, and the installation is very easy.

Key features:

+ 100% polyester,

+ weigh less than 12 pounds.


+ no tools required,

+ washable.


+ less sleeping place.

Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

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Zephyr Travel Crib, Mistral from Valco Baby

If you were planning a long vacation with your baby, then Zephyr Travel Crib from Valco Baby is the ideal one. This type of crib is simple and safe to use. They last longer and give a great comfort for your baby to rest in the crib.

As the assembling and disassemble is done within a minute, the baby needs to wait for a long time to have their pleasant nap. There is a carry bag fitted into the travel crib that helps in storing all your baby items for the further use.

Uniqueness of Zephyr Travel Crib, Mistral from Valco Baby

Your baby comfort and safety is mandatory when you are traveling; I can assure you cent percent perfectness for the safety and comfort feel of your baby to rest peacefully.

If you are the family who expects things carried for travel to be compact, then prefer Zephyr travel crib from Valco baby for your baby. The reasonable price is the most uniqueness factor of this travel crib. They are easy to use, once you have assembled the crib, you can add the mattress and place your baby in the crib. This is the best travel crib if you need to use in small rooms.

The mattress cover, fabric can be removed for the cleaning process and this needs to be hand Crib, as they are not waterproof. Zephyr travel crib weighs 13.8 lbs. and slightly heavy. But it easily fits into any bags or suitcases that you carry for the travel.

Our #5 Pick: Valco Baby Zephyr Travel Crib, Mistral

Special Feature:

Easy installation of this baby crib comfortable for traveling parent.

Key features:

+ Water proof Nylon Fabric,

+ Polyester and mesh materials.


+ Light weight,

+ easy setup.


+ Bit pricey.

Our Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

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Portable Mini Crib, Cherry from Delta Children

Having a baby and feel the discomfort to plan for a journey? Now you need to worry of those excuses for not traveling to the places you love. Mini Crib from Delta Children provides safety and comfort for your baby when you are traveling for a vacation or to any picnic and camps. This is a nontoxic mini crib that looks sleek and stylish.

Folding the mini crib is too easy and also by folding the crib will reduce your storage place. There are four casters which will help in moving the mini crib in between the rooms of your baby crib. You can adjust the mattress height so that you can easily reach your baby at any time.

Uniqueness of Portable Mini Crib, Cherry from Delta Children

Uniqueness is expected for every product, but how many fulfill it? Only a few right. Here the Delta children Mini crib has a wooden construction which is the stable reason for the durability and safety of your baby and the crib. Easy portability makes your travel easier. As they are a light weight, you can carry with you wherever you go, and their design looks stylish and cool.

There are front and back rails of the mini cribs and therefore non-drop side rails are possible. They are JPMA certified Mini cribs.

Our #4 Pick: Delta Children Portable Mini Crib, Cherry

Special Feature:

This baby crib is very strong and is being a studied for all time.

Key features:

+ 2 position mattress,

+ 4 casters.


+ light weight,

+ multipurpose.


+ poor quality.

Our Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

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Light Travel Crib from BABYBJORN

Considering the safety of your baby while traveling is the necessary step we all love. Here is the light travel crib from BABYBJorn. I love their products. They create their every product matching up the safety requirements. They do not contain any nontoxic materials in their products.

As they are waterproof, the crib can be washed in the machine with 40-degree Celsius, but you should be careful, do not make it so dry. Do not follow the same with mattress. Easy to set up so that baby can feel the comfort from starting to the end of their sleep. One simple movement is enough to fit the travel crib along the place you visit.

The uniqueness of Light Travel Crib from BABYBJORN:

I can assure you that your baby would love to sleep in this light travel crib due to their soft and comfort mattress they have. It has a built-in base plate which helps to place your travel crib to stay firm on the floor.

You can use this lightweight travel crib for any travel purpose; that may be short or long, BABYBJORn travel crib will fit perfectly. The material is of 100 percent polyester which helps in travel crib to last longer.

Our #3 Pick: BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light, Silver

Special Feature:

This baby crib is weightless, so you can carry this for anywhere.

Key features:

+ breathable mesh sides,

+ separable travel crib.


+ simple setup,

+ easy to wash.


+ Height is not okay.

Our Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

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Look for the complete Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Review in detail here. So that you will know every specific information regarding Baby Bjorn clearly.

Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby Playard

If you need some of the flexible cribs for your baby, you can prefer Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby Playard for you. They can be used anywhere as they are portable. Suits for any types of transportation. Easy to assemble within a minute and this would be the excellent choice for your baby as it suits for any types of travel or journey.

This travel crib is versatile and flexible to undergo any changes in your route. It includes a sheet that fit perfectly into the travel crib. Along with it, there are also a backpack instructions and mattresses for the travel crib. The manual is set for how to use the travel crib actually so that it can last longer.

Uniqueness of Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby Playard

The simple steps to follow your travel crib is excellent. It takes seconds to assemble and disassemble. It’s just enough to wipe with a clean cloth to make your travel crib shine. Portable to any places as they weigh 11 pounds and are light in weight too. The sheet that fits into travel crib can be washed in the machine.

Hundred percent assurance for safety, a comfort of the baby during any travel. The mattress is very slim which gives more comfort for the baby while the nap. The fabrics used in this Lotus travel crib is so soft and thin. Up to 3+ years, babies can make use of this travel crib. They are 16 CFR 1221 + ASTM F406-13A certified and does not contain any toxic substances in their crib. Can be also used as a bassinet at some cases.

Our #2 Pick: Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby Playard

Special Feature:

This placard design takes only a few seconds to set up.

Key features:

+ 42” x 24 ” mattress,

+ weight- 13 lbs.


+ easy to setup,

+ breathable covers.


+ Weak zips.

Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

Check Lowest Special Price on Amazon

Still any doubts on this product? Here is a detailed review about Lotus Travel Crib & Portable Baby Playard.

Travel Lite Crib, Winslet from Graco

If you need your baby to be in comfort during your travel, then prefer to choose Travel Lite Crib, Winslet from Graco. This travel crib is more special due to its ultra-comfort feature. They can be assembled and reassembled easily within seconds.

You know how traditional players look like, this is twenty percent smaller when comparing with them. So undoubtedly it will fit easily into any room, traveling mediums, etc. It has a no fuss and a signature push-button fold for the better arrangement for the travel crib.

Uniqueness of Travel Lite Crib, Winslet from Graco

The bassinet in the crib is removable so that it can be perfect for the nap. If your baby needs to play, this crib is versatile of converting into a play yard too. The mattresses are of high quality, and the pad makes the comfort for the baby to sleep in peace without any disturbances.

Apart from that, there are soft toys for the baby to play and enjoy the travel. They are hassle free and contains airy mesh on all sides of the crib for the ventilation.

Our #1 Pick: Graco Travel Lite Crib

Special Feature:

The softy fabric of this crib is comfortable for the baby to sleep.

Key features:

+ cuddle cove rocking seat,

+ play and design.


+ removable seats,

+ soft fabrics.

Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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Wrapping Up…

Hope you like all of my best collections of the baby travel cribs. Few of the travel cribs may be costly, but it will be worth the penny you spent for it. I assure you safety and comfort for all these ten different types of baby travel cribs. Choose the one that is efficient and relevant to your type of travel.

If you do have any queries regarding any of the baby travel cribs, feel free to ask me at any time through the comment section below.

What type of baby travel crib are you using for your travel or vacation?

Happy Journey with your Baby with Best Baby Travel Cribs!

Joellen Turley

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