How to Share Amazon Prime With Family And Friends

As part of my mission to provide my readers with valuable information on baby cribs and other kid products, I also strive to provide my readers with useful information on how to save money. As a mother of two, I know how expensive life can become with two small ones at home. Over the years, I have picked up on many tips and tricks to save a penny here and there, and over time it can add up. One of the tricks I have learned is using Amazon Prime to save money. While everyone knows about the convenience of two-day shipping that Amazon Prime has to offer, not everyone knows that you can share many of those benefits with your family members.

If you are currently paying for two accounts in one household, you should switch over the accounts immediately and sign up for Amazon Household. Amazon Household allows you to have one account for two adults and up to four children for the same $99 a year. So you have just saved 99 dollars in one year!

To switch your account, you should follow the steps listed below:

Log in and click on “Your Account.”

On your Account Page and click on “Manage Your Household.”

Once you are on the Household Page, click on “Add an Adult.”

Now the adult you want to add will put in their account login information, and the two accounts will be merged.

Now your household will be able to share the same benefits of free shipping, discounted diaper orders and same day delivery for half the price you were paying before. You can use the extra savings to buy a new travel crib!

One important consideration when merging the accounts is that all adult parties will have access to the credit or debit cards on the account so make sure you are using the appropriate accounts based on how your household’s finances are set up.

Now that the adults are squared away it is time to add the kids to the account. Don’t worry adding your kids will not give them free range to shop on your credit card or watch shows that are not age appropriate. Amazon Prime has content-sharing restrictions for kids that I will review shortly.

As a household, you can add up to 4 children to the account. To start adding just follow the next steps.

From the Manage Household page, you can click on “Add A Child.”

Now you will set up each child’s profile with their name birthday and gender. Each kid can pick their own fun icon to be associated with their account, so it is a fun activity to have them there when you set it up.

Now before you give the kids the login information, you will want to edit each profile and provide access to only what is appropriate given their age. In order to do this, you will need to learn how to share content.

First, we can review how to share content with the other adult in your household and then we will examine how to get the kids set up.

Once you have created the Household, you will want to pick which categories you want to share with the other adult in the household. Most people will share everything but if you don’t want your spouse to see what you are reading that is up to you! Just select that you do not wish to share audiobooks and your reading activity will be kept private.

Sharing content with the kids is a bit more detailed. In order to help keep the kids protected from content you do not want them to see, you have to go in and approve each file that you would like them to have access to.

In order to this, you will want to enter the “Your Content” section of your account. Once in the “Your Content” section, you will want to click on “Show Family Library.” Once you have done this step, you can immediately start sharing content with your kids. You can select an unlimited about of books, so you may want to go in and approve a large number up front which will keep them going for a while.

Regarding sharing videos, I would set aside a bit of time at the beginning of each month and allow the kids to pick 5-10 videos that they would have access to during the month. After all, we all know if you approve 100 videos that is exactly how many the kids will watch!

Another benefit of switching to the Household program, children between the ages three and twelve get Freetime Unlimited at discounted rates of $2.99 for a kid and 6.99 for the family per month. It typically costs $4.99 for one child and $9.99 for up to 4 children. This program gives kids access to content specifically geared towards children including games, apps, videos, and shows. Some of the content even comes from PBS Kids and Disney. With all this content available from one’s tablet, it will make long car rides or plane rides just that much easier to manage!

While it takes a little work to get started, setting up the Household account will be easy to maintain for all your shipping needs as well as having the comfort of knowing you have full control over the content your kids have access to on the site. And of course, the yearly savings on the subscription is well worth the effort!

Finally one of the perks of being an Amazon Prime member is that they seem to be always adding additional benefits for members to access. Don’t ignore the emails they send you as they often are very informative about new benefits. So be sure to take a look and share with your friends and family!

I hope you have found this post valuable. Happy sharing!

Joellen Turley

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