Nuna sena vs. Babybjorn Travel Cribs

Most widely, many of us like to afford and use a travel cribs for our babies. Whenever, I think about baby travel cribs, two brands come into my mind. The cribs from these two brands are high in quality and functions performed.  They are the Nuna Sena Travel cribs and the Baby Bjorn travel cribs. A brief differentiation on Nuna Sena vs. BabyBjorn travel cribs is listed below.

As per as my reference, both these cribs are unique to one another. The Nuna Sena Travel Crib is ideals in its function whereas the Baby Bjorn is perfect in its design. The difference between them relies greatly on its features.

Travel cribs

Before knowing the difference, it is important to gather some information about travel cribs. The travel cribs are simple, innovative devices designed mainly to keeps the baby safe in new places. You can use these cribs in travel, tours, picnics, and in the home also.

Mostly all the travel cribs are designed with a lightweight feature so that you can carry it to various places. Apart from this, the cribs have unique characteristic based on their brand’s name and type.

Nuna Sena vs. Baby Bjorn travel cribs

As I referred about, the primary difference between Nuna Sena and BabyBjorn travel cribs is in its characteristics. Various difference and variations in its features are listed below.


The first point to be considered is the assembly. Both these cribs require some instructions to assemble. You can get the complete idea with these directions in the manual.

Among these two, BabyBjorn travel crib seems quite easy to install compared to others. The initial assembly of this travel crib is simple compared to Nuna Sena Travel Crib. Further, you can assemble the BabyBjorn travel crib within 5 minutes.

While moving to Nuna Sena Travel Crib, experts refer that it too has easy assembly set-up. By reviewing the instructions within the guide, you can assemble this crib efficiently within less time. But, the time consumed for installing the crib is high compared to BabyBjorn travel crib.


As I referred above, the lightweight is also an important feature that a travel crib should have with it. As we know, both the travel cribs feature lightweight capability with them. But there are variations in them.

Experts refer that Baby Bjorn travel crib has advanced lightweight feature compared to other. Even, I feel that the Nuna Sena Travel Crib weights heavy compared to others. The BabyBjorn crib has ultra-lightweight frame design with them. This frame is responsible for the lightweight design of the crib.

Whereas the Nuna Sena travel crib has a durable aluminum frame design and so it weighs heavy. This aluminum material weights high than the BabyBjorn travel crib. In addition to this, Nuna Sena Travel Cribs have additional zippers design with them. These additional zippers add weight to the product.


Both the Nuna Sena and the Baby Bjorn travel cribs have a foldable feature with them. But the feature varies slightly based on their formulation. Among the two, Nuna takes the compact for compared to Baby Bjorn travel crib.

The Nuna travel cribs become thin itself, and it gets folded within the bag given along the crib. The crib itself gets folded into a bag, and so there is no need of additional bags for this crib. Apart from this, the bag has durable zipper structure, and these zippers withhold the crib safely for a long time.

While moving to BabyBjong, it too folds into a compact form, and it fits perfectly within the bag built within it. This small bag offers flexibility and durability to the entire product. In addition to this, the bag is in black color. This color resists the dirt and harmful substances.


Adjustability is also an additional feature found in some range of travel cribs only. The Nuna Travel cribs are also the one among them which has adjustability feature with it. You can adjust the mattress of this product to various heights. By adjusting it, you can place your infant based on your need.

But, the BabyBjorn travel crib does not have this feature with it. The entire crib is ideal, and so you cannot adjust it as per as your need. Though the cradle lacks this feature, it offers complete comfort to the people.


Both these products have a non-toxic feature with them. With this, you can place your baby free without any safety measures. The non-toxic material design determines, the entire product including the mattress has infants safe products with it. They don’t have PVC, polyurethane, lead, etc. with them.

In this, the Nuna travel crib has a unique feature. It does not have any fire deterrents with it. As there are no fire deterrents, the safety offered by this product is high compared to Baby Bjorn travel crib.


The mattress used in both the products are excellent comfort beds. Both these products have different mattress design with contrasting inner lining and filling. But they are completely soft and so the kid can rest happily in the product.

In addition to this, both the mattresses offer safety to the infants. The bed used within the BabyBjorn travel crib cannot be washed whereas the mattress used within the Nuna travel crib is washable. Both these mattresses are antimicrobial, and they offer and donate complete safety to the people.


It is a unique feature among two mattresses. Both the mattress are washable but under some safety features. The Baby Bjorn mattress has removable inner linings and so you can remove these coatings and wash them. You can clean these linings with the help of hand or machine.

But then moving to the Nuna Sena Travel Crib, the entire crib is washable. You can remove the steel stands and put the whole cribs for washing. It can be done either by hand or machine. After washing the product, dry them in heat, this will retain the quality of the product.


In addition to the above difference, both these products have a slight variation in their design too. The BabyBjorn travel crib has floor bedding function. The mattress lies in the floor level and so the babies merely lie on the floor.

But, the Nuna travel cribs stand unique among the other cribs. The important fact of this crib is it keeps the baby well above the surface of the earth. You can adjust the height as per as your need. The crib also has adjustable straps for adjusting the height of the bedding. The lower stand used within the product keeps the babies in position

Apart from this, you can also see the variation in the interior look of the product. The BabyBjorn travel crib is somewhat conical in shape whereas the Nuna Sena crib is similar to the rectangular box.


As we have gone through more about dissimilarities, both these travel cribs have some similarities too. The sides of the two cribs have breathable mesh covering with them. This mesh is useful, and it has the capability to safeguard the baby from suffocation. Further, it allows pure fresh air to circulate the baby and so baby feels free.

In addition to this, both these cribs have a sturdy and safe design with them. This design is attractive, and it makes the people gather more importance compared to other means. The design remains strong for years. Further, the bags safeguard the crib effectively for a long time.

Both these cribs are designed only for kids from birth – 3 years. The cribs are not flexible for kids above three years. Further, both these cribs safeguard your infant safe during travel and picnics.

The above mentions are the differences and similarities of Nuna Sena Travel Crib and BabyBjorn travel crib.

I hope you would have a complete analysis of both BabyBjorn and Nuna travel cribs. Analyze those cribs correctly and select the best one based on your need.

Do look for the review of best travel cribs and make your selection better.

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