A Detailed Review on Nuna Travel Crib

Want to move out for travel with your infant? Don’t panic. Here is a useful article to help you. Have a look on at Nuna travel crib review.

Babies are the gift from God, and we should keep them safe irrespective of circumstances. Many of us like to take our infant to various places. But we agitate with it because of safety. We feel travel may harm our kid. Though this is merely correct, here is a useful thing to help you.

You can use a travel crib in that situations. These travel cribs make your travel healthy by keeping your kid safe. Among many travel cribs, I feel Nuna travel crib is an ideal one. This crib is built to satisfy customers need and requirements. Using this crib will make your journey with complete safety.

Nuna brand

Before moving to the information about Nuna travel crib, it is important to know about the brand and its reputation. The Nuna brand is a house of parenthood accessories. It manufactures many things for eating, sleeping, growing climbing, etc.

Their hometown is Holland, and they got started in 2007. They have a productive R&D department with them. All the baby accessories developed by Nuna are unique compared to others. Further, they also have the capability to withstand various environmental conditions. Moreover, all the products of Nuna, including travel cribs has undergone many security tests before they are in use.

Some products of Nuna has crossed many certifications and gained various awards for safety. In addition to this, many people like to afford Nuna brand accessories because it lasts long than others.

Nuna travel crib

As I referred, all the products from Nuna stand high in their features. This travel crib is also a good quality Nuna material designed with various additional materials. They have a toxic-free design with which it maintains a good relationship with the parent and baby.

As this is a travel crib, it has a lightweight design. This design is efficient, and it offers complete portability to the users. With Nuna travel crib you can conquer the entire world with your baby.


People look out for various features within a travel crib. I feel, Nuna is the only travel crib that satisfies all the needs of the customers. Coming to features, they are many. A detailed view of various features of Nuna Travel cribs is listed below.


While selecting a travel crib, many of use put a higher demand on potable feature compared to others. The important reason for this is to save the luggage space for other materials and things too. When a crib folds into a compact form, you can store it easily in a small workspace. By this, you can take various other accessories with you other than a travel crib.

The Nuna travel crib also belongs to a foldable variety of cribs. Folding it is very simple and you can do this with the help of single hand itself. In addition to this, by folding, you can make the crib as compact as you can. You can store the crib within a storage bag and carry it to many places as per as your need.


The next critical need of many people is the assembly. Usually, the babies may need a crib at any time. So, many people even I move out for easy assembly cribs than another one. It will make your infant relax whenever you need.

On moving to the assembly feature of Nuna travel crib, the entire products have easy to assemble option compared to other ones. The assembly can be performed just within a minute. With this, you can install the crib immediately.

But it is also important to read out and refer some relevant and useful instructions before assembling the crib for the first time. These instructing are defined well in the Nuna manual. Assembling it without instructions may affect the capability of the crib. So, you should have a look at Nuna manual before installing the crib.

Non-Toxic crib

Some people ask me how to check the non-toxic feature of cribs.

It is simple to analyze and report the non-toxic characteristics of the crib. The toxicity depends on the material used in the crib. Some cribs have a low-quality material design with it. These cribs turn out to be toxic for babies.

But, Nuna travel crib has Oeko-Tex verified fabric design. It is a non-toxic fabric material, and so you can keep your infant safe with it. In addition to this, the crib doesn’t have non-flame retardant with it. Hence, the cradle keeps the babies safe from fire accidents and other attacks.

Further, the crib terminates the use of PVC, phthalates and lead in its design. With this, the quality of the entire crib, its Cot, mattresses and foldable holders remain high. So, it is referred entirely as a non-toxic product by many certified organizations.


Yes, Nuna is a crib designed with adjustable feature. Though it is not an important feature similar to others, a crib with height adjustability is considered good among all. This feature helps you to alter the resting heights of the kids. Further, it helps you to keep the baby as per the required height as you need.

Breathable fabric

Yes, based on my opinion, this is also an important factor to be considered. People with infant do afford closed and covered cribs than other because they add safety to the baby. But, these closed and covered cribs should have the breathable capability with them. This ability offers free flow of air within the locality.

Nuna travel crib has a high-quality design with breathable fabric. This material is efficient, and it keeps the baby comfortable for a long time. In addition to this, this fabric is a durable one that does not wear out with time.


The frame keeps the crib in its position. It is important to use a durable, corrosion resistive frame within the crib. This crib uses the durable aluminum frame. It is very efficient, and it has the capability withstand for a long time. The aluminum frames are attractive too, and so they can be used in all type of interior designed houses.

All the joints within the cribs have a perfect design with the help of bolts. All these joints are flexible, and they act rigidly in both conditions. They fold and stand erectly as per as your need. In addition to this, many additional straps and zippers are within the product. The straps offer flexibility and comfortable fit.


It is a washable crib designed with both machines washable and hand washable feature. With this, you can ensure that your baby is safe and healthy in the crib. Apart from this, the mattress too can be washed easily.

Storage bag

Mostly any cribs are built with an additional storage bag capability. But, this one stands unique among them. It comes with built-in storage and travel bag. By folding the crib correctly, you can store it efficiently within the storage bag. The storage bag has advanced zippers with it. By fitting the zippers perfectly, the entire crib lasts long with flexibility and durability.


Some significant benefits of Nuna Travel cribs are,

  • It is a foldable crib, and so it can be ported easily.
  • It offers complete comfort to the parents and babies.
  • The entire crib is durable, and so it lasts longer compared to the regular ones.


As there are advantages, there are various problems equipped with the crib.

  • This crib is heavier than some models. So some people feel it difficult to take it for travel.
  • Though the crib folds into a bag, some people consider it as larger to take it for travel.

The above mentioned are various important features, advantages, and uses of Nuna travel crib. So do use a Nuna Travel crib and make your baby enjoy the best travel experience.

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