Baby Bassinet VS Baby Crib – What to Choose

Having a baby at your home brings you more joy and happiness. If you’re a first-time mother, you will have hundreds of questions when you bring your child home the first time. One thing is the sleeping arrangement which you will provide to your child at home. There are two broad known choices which you can use for your baby to sleep. They are the bassinet and the crib.

We know that as a parent we will always try to give the best for our baby. But what is the best? The bassinet or the crib?

I will say that it is entirely your choice and this decision must be taken based on your personal fitness and budget.

So read on to find out what fits your preference, a bassinet or a crib?

Who must choose a bassinet?

Bassinet has its advantages. The major benefit of having a bassinet is that it is portable and hence it can be taken from place to place. You can move the bassinet along with you when you go to the kitchen or the living room or near you when you’re sleeping in the bedroom. You can keep your baby near you wherever you move. The bassinet is are available in attractive colors, sizes and with additional features such as music player and mobile. It will also help you to soothe your baby to sleep by shaking the bassinet in a rocking motion. It only takes a small space and is convenient for use.

Now, does bassinet has any disadvantages? Yes. It has a disadvantage. Your baby will outgrow the size of a bassinet within 6 to 8 months and then you will have to either replace the bassinet or move to the crib. The amount of money you spend on a bassinet is only for the first six months usually. Another thing to consider is that some babies do not feel comfortable with the bassinet. Not all babies, but some babies. So you must think when your child settles down and enjoy lying in a bassinet.

Why choose a baby crib?

The crib is the normal way the most accepted way for your child to sleep. Another name for a crib is a cot. Mothers with C-section prefer having a crib as it has sides which drop down making it convenient for the mother to place the baby in the crib. Though all the cribs do not have the drop-down sides feature, you can have it in mind when you shop for a crib after having C-section.

Cribs are not so expensive, and they are available in various price ranges making it affordable for everyone. Cribs have a longer lifespan when compared to a bassinet for which the lifetime is only about six months. If you think in the budget point of view, then you must go with the crib.

But then the downside of a crib is that it is attached to one location, and you cannot carry it wherever you go. You must either buy a Baby Monitor or run to your bedroom often to find out whether your baby is awake or asleep. It also takes the entire space in a room.

So as I said in the article earlier, it is entirely your personal choice which you must make considering your budget and convenience. Some people buy a bassinet in the more initial stages and then go for a crib.

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