Amazon Offers a New Level of Baby Registry

With a baby on the way, you are going to need a crib, and maybe you would like more than one. There are standard cribs or the house, and there are specialized cribs like travel cribs. It is always possible that a family member or a close friend would buy one for you if they were to think of it, and if they had an easy way to do get it done.

With an Amazon baby registry, you can not only plant the seed in the minds of others, you can also make it incredibly easy. The Amazon baby registry is one of the latest and greatest things Amazon has come up with. The company has a registry as you might expect, but since it is Amazon they are taking it to an amazing level.

How to Make a Registry on Amazon? Just click on this link and click on the left where it says “Get Started“. It’s a really simple and short process!


A baby registry is a great idea, and a lot of stores have them. You just pick out things you like at that store and put it on the list. When people go shopping for a gift for your shower, they just pick from your list. It is really easy, but the only drawback is that they can only pick from that store.  You might have to register at a few stores, and your friends might have to visit a few stores, and that causes hassle for everyone involved.

The great thing about an Amazon baby registry is that all of those stores are included, as long as they can sell something on Amazon. So Amazon becomes the one-stop place to shop for wedding gifts for the couple who has an Amazon baby registry. You can add something to your baby registry from any website anywhere in the world, whether it is on Amazon or not.

To sweeten the deal, Amazon adds discounts and extra gifts, so the purchaser of your gift saves money, and you can save money on your own purchases as well.  Free shipping is also available for many items on Amazon, which again saves money for the person making the purchase.

There is also Amazon Prime, that is a special program for Amazon shoppers, whether it’s for a baby registry or not, but it does add some extra discounts for this type of gift. Prime adds things like free shipping and even deeper discounts. The only downside is there is a fee or this program, so you have to weigh whether you will save enough to make up for the fee you paid.  Whether you do the Prime program or not, the Amazon baby registry is still a very good program. If someone were to want to give you a baby crib, they could save a bundle on the crib and on shipping. Prime members also receive free e-books on parenting and pregnancy.

SECRET TIP: Yet another thing Amazon offers are discounts after the baby shower. If there are things on your Amazon baby registry that were not purchased by anyone, Amazon will send you a 15 percent discount on those items, which you may purchase yourself. So if you had your eye on a cool looking travel crib, and no one bought it before the shower, you could still save 15% by buying it yourself on Amazon.


Since it is on Amazon, you expect it to be easy, and it is, for both you and the people who will be shopping on your Amazon baby registry. Anyone anywhere in the world can shop your registry, and have any gift shipped to your door. They can do this from any computer or mobile device. You can also use your mobile device to see how things are going, see what things have been purchased, and generally keep track of things.

If you are a Prime member, you can also get $100 as a bonus for disposable diapers and baby wipes. As soon as $1,000 is spent on your registry – including purchases you might make – you will get the $100 credit for the diapers.

Just for signing up for an Amazon baby registry, you become eligible to receive a welcome box. Inside this box are samples of many items you will need once your baby arrives. Things like baby wipes, pacifiers, baby shampoo or even prenatal vitamins. The contents of the package change regularly, but even that is a pretty good deal.

Just like it does with most purchases, Amazon has a liberal return policy. You may return most items within 90 days from the date of purchase for a refund, or to exchange it for another item. You may do this for any reason, even if you just prefer a different color on a certain item.

You may also do some shopping yourself to determine what you need to add to your registry. Once you have registered, you may click “add to my registry” on any item anywhere on Amazon, to have it added to your Amazon baby registry.  You may also look at other registries and get ideas for items to add. There may be things you have not thought of, or there may be a baby crib idea you have not thought of. Once you see it, you can quickly add it to your registry and then hope for the best.

Another general benefit of having an Amazon baby registry is planning for your baby.  With all your items in one place, you can see what you need and what you have. That way you can avoid duplication, and avoid totally forgetting some important item that you will need when the baby is home.

You may have items shipped to your home, or to anywhere you want. The gift givers do not see your address when they place an order for a gift. But you could have the items shipped to your home, or to the place where the baby shower will be held. To top it all off, Amazon will then send thank you notes to all the people who bought you gifts and sent them via Amazon.

There are a lot of benefits to having an Amazon baby registry. You can do this without hurting local stores too, as long as they have a website. Just add them to your registry. With all the incentives offered, and extra savings, you could probably save enough to buy that special travel baby crib you have had your eye on from the beginning. An Amazon baby registry is really an amazing development in shopping, making life easier for everyone involved. Both you and your friends can do all of this from the comfort of your own homes.

You can get started on creating your Amazon baby registry by clicking on the banner below!

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